North coast of Scotland

Armadale village


Armadale Bay

Armadale Bay is only a 10 minute walk through the village but quite enough you may have the beach to yourself all day. Perfect with a book or a picnic basket if you are looking for peace and tranquility.


Moderate 2 hour walk to the abandoned clearance settlement of Poulouriscaig, again taking you through the village of Armadale. A perfect place for exploring abandoned houses and imagining the lives of those relocated here.

Strathy Point

8 kilometres east of Armadale House lies Strathy Point and the Strathy Point lighthouse, a short walk from the road end. Sheltered by the rocks lies Strathy Beach to the east.

Eilean nan Ròn

A deserted island left to the seals off the coast of Skerray, beautiful walks with the old school and some abandoned houses still intact. Eilean nan Ròn is about one kilometre from the mainland coast and can be reached by hired skipper from Skerray, a village 20 kilometres west of Armadale.

Country Roads

Wandering old tracks running inland from A836 road are a perfect way to discover North Sutherland. Used in the spring for peat cutting by locals, you can walk alone in nature with only flora & fauna for company.