North coast of Scotland



Spend the day touring Dunnet Head, the Castle and Gardens of Mey, John o' Groats and Wick.

From Dunnet Head, the most northernly viewpoint & lighthouse on mainland UK you feel as if you could simply reach out and touch the Orkney Islands. Starting here you can walk paths along the rugged coastline and take in the cliffs and wild waves. Lots of bird-watching and other wildlife viewing opportunities exist including a chance at seeing the famous Puffins nesting along the high rock walls!

At Mey Castle you can walk through beautiful gardens and tour the Queen Mum's favourite summer residence. The building has been maintained as she had it during her life, but is now open to the public and operated by trust.

John o' Groats, the northernmost village in mainland UK, is the site of the iconic signpost pointing south to Lands End; marking it's position at the end of the longest distance between two inhabited points in Great Britain. Founded by a Dutchman it was the site of one of the early ferry services to the Orkneys. Tours still leave from here today, and at just a fifteen minute drive from Mey it shouldn't be missed.

Wick has a beautiful harbour, once famous for its herring fishing. The Heritage Centre has to be seen. It takes you trough time and live as it was at the North Coast of Scotland.